All About Wildlife Corridors

So what's the deal with wildlife corridors? Sometimes used interchangeably with ecocorridors or migration corridors, we're also talking wildlife bridges, underpasses, overpasses, culverts, you name it--anything that keeps animals safe when crossing roads and supports their ability to thrive in their natural environment.

Keeping habitat connected is good for wildlife and keeping wildlife off roads is good for animals and humans. If you would like to find out more about Becoming a Champion for Wildlife, please visit our website: and follow the 4 Easy Steps, including the quick click to show your support for the bipartisan Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act! 

You'll also find info about the many successful wildlife corridor efforts in the United States and others that are underway. And for the skeptics among you, you can discover for yourself: Do wildlife bridges really work

And if you know someone who loves wildlife as much as we do, be sure to pass this info along to them.